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 Justin Frando's Era

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PostSubject: Justin Frando's Era   Fri Nov 30, 2012 12:19 pm

The camera fades in as Justin Frando’s theme is shown in the titan tron. Justin finally comes out and is walking proudly to the ring as we hear massive boos all around the arena. Justin Frando grabs the mic and holds the microphone right on his lip, he is about to speak but taunts the crowds by pulling the mic away. Justin looks at his title and finally turns his head up on the crowd.

Justin Frando: I would like everyone to stop what they’re doing, grab their camera’s out and take a good long look to who is standing in the middle of the ring because this is a new era. A new era of greatness, I would want everyone to stand up and praise your NEWWWWWWW…..ICW CHAMPION!!!! JUSTINNNN FRRRAAANNNDOOOO!!!

Justin Frando raises his title up in the air and closes his eyes as he hears the crowds boos all over the ring. It seems like Justin Frando is really taking good pride in his accomplishment.

Justin Frando: I have been silent for over two weeks now and that’s because I heard that people think I am all talk and no action, I can tell you that there are more than 80% of the wrestling fans that think that I will never even be a champion. But I proved you guys wrong and look at me now, I destroyed Taboo last week and now you have to watch me every single week as THE ICW champion. When this season started, I told you guys that I’ll have a title around my waist and guess what? I was right.

Justin has a big grin on his face as he hears the crowd chanting “You Suck.”

Justin Frando: I suck? I suck? Haha…well you guys must be delusional because the last time I check, being a champion is not for suckers. Tonight I will be defending my title against a woman who has some weird name, so I will probably win that, but anyways…. right now, marks the new Justin Frando Era!

Justin Frando mocks the fans as he takes a bow in front of them. Justin rolls under the ring and raises his title up as he heads towards backstage.

The camera fades away as the crowd boos Justin.

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PostSubject: Re: Justin Frando's Era   Fri Nov 30, 2012 9:03 pm

Oh ya, for future notice. You're the World Heavyweight Champion, not the ICW Champion.
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Justin Frando's Era
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