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 Dragon in the Locker Room

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PostSubject: Dragon in the Locker Room   Wed Feb 06, 2013 6:50 am

AlmightyShaoDragon is preparing himself and planning some strategies for his Match in the Locker Room... Shailene Woodley enters the room along with her CameraMan.... The crowd amazed to see a MONK in International Championship Wrestling....

Shailene Woodley(to the Crowd): Introducing First Time ever in International Championship Wrestling, from the famous Song Shan Mountain where the Holy Temple of Shaolin recides, AlmiiighhhtyyyyyShaaaaoooooDraaagooon...

Shailene Woodley: Hello Almighty, Welcome to The Glorious World of ICW... Today, you are going to have your match and our crowd is excited to know about you... Would you like to tell us something about yourself??

AlmightyShaoDragon: Amitabha!! Buddha Bless You!! First of all, Thankyou for the WARM Welcome... I am AlmightyShaoDragon from Shaolin Temple in Song Shan Mountain... I am the student of the 23rd Generation's Leader of Shaolin... I went to Shaolin Temple at very small age and spent my whole life over there praying and practicing Shaolin's Kung Fu...

Shailene Woodley: Wow!! The Famous Shaolin's Kung Fu!! I bet, there would be a lot of people that love Kung Fu.. Would you like to give us a little exhibition??

AlmightyShaoDragon: Sure... Here we go!!

AlmightyShaoDragon brought a hard wood piece from his locker that contains a lot of holes inside... AlmightyShaoDragon prepared his index finger in pointing-style, stroke the piece with his finger and made a hole inside the piece of thick hard wood...

Shailene Woodley(touching the wooden piece): Astonishing!! Amazing!! Fabulous!! Such a hard wood... Only a Shaolin Monk can do such a thing... What style was that??

AlmightyShaoDragon: It is called Diamond Finger Kung Fu... It was the first art that i mastered...

Shailene Woodley: First Art!! Wow!! How many arts are there that you have mastered??

AlmightyShaoDragon: I have mastered all the 72 arts of Shaolin along with the styles of Praying Mantis, Dragon Style, Tiger Style and few more...

Shailene Woodley: Would you like to exhibit that too??

AlmightyShaoDragon: Amitabha!! Sure....

Crowd starts to hoot "Alll-miiiigggh-ttyy Alll-miiiigggh-ttyy Alll-miiiigggh-ttyy" when AlmightyShaoDragon played his Dragon Style and famous Northern Praying Mantis Style....

Shailene Woodley: That was superb!! From the reaction of crowd, there is no doubt the way they loved that... Thankyou for such a GREAT Exhibition.. Today, you are going to have a match against Tywin... What is your Philosophy for that??

AlmightyShaoDragon: As every monk, i follow Buddha's path... and keep the three Poisons away, i.e. Greed, Ignorance and Hatred... This is my Philosophy to win the today's match... and moreover, i am having such a great support from the Crowd... When these two combine, there is gonna be a good chance for Victory...

Shailene Woodley: Any message for the crowd?

AlmightyShaoDragon(to the Crowd): I bet that you are going to love the today's match... uhm.. A Monk's betting.. Kinda strange, isn't it?? Lol... Love You All, TWG and ICW Fans!!! You ROCK!!! Three Cheers for all the Fans... Hip-Hip HURRAAAYY!!! Hip-Hip HURRAAAYYY!!! HIPPP-HIPPP HUUUURRRRRRAAAAAYYYYYY!!!

Crowd appreciate AlmightyShaoDragon's Passion with a Big Round of Applause and chant Almighty's name again and again....

Shailene Woodley: Thats nice to see your Passion... Wish you a very good luck... Glad to meet you Almighty...

AlmightyShaoDragon: Thankyou!! Nice to meet you too... Amitabha!!

Shailene Woodley Leaves the Locker Room...
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon in the Locker Room   Sun Feb 10, 2013 12:07 am

Although I do understand what you mean, you might want to cut down on saying the Buddha's name. Also, I don't know where you want the RP so I can't put it in for this season. Possibly next season. Make sure, when you make an RP to put where you want it in the Show Cards.

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Dragon in the Locker Room
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