Last Season! Big Surprise at the final show.
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 Theories according to Pale

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PostSubject: Theories according to Pale   Sun Nov 04, 2012 12:07 am

The camera fades in to Shades Of Pale, in the ring. Her theme song 'Angel in the Night' slowly fades to a mute. She has a microphone in hand, and a plastic water bottle in the other. She takes a drink from the water.

Shades Of Pale: How is everyone doing tonight? Well you saw some amazing matches already, but you won't see me in action tonight. But, you missed Monday.. I'll give you a quick run-down of it. Dragon, got humiliated. His ankle, isn't feeling so good. So I will enjoy the spot in the finals of the 4-man tourney. Don't take my word for it, Just watch!

The crowd starts to cheer as the titan-tron roars to life showing the ring of last Monday's match. Commentary from the match is blasted around the arena, also.

OverDrive Dragon gains the initiative exploiting his quickness!!
Jonathon Coachman: Dragon starting the match off quick!
OverDrive Dragon goes towards his rival
Shades Of Pale wards off a Throat Thrust blocking it with an arm
Shades Of Pale gets next to OverDrive Dragon bringing down an arm
and hits him with the forearm executing an violent European Uppercut

The camera skips to a different part of the match

Shades Of Pale lift her down-headed opponent
and slams him down by performing a violent Vertabreaker
Shades Of Pale grabs OverDrive Dragon's ankle
twisting the foot executing an
violent Pale Fade

Shades Of Pale keeps her ruthless submission hold
OverDrive Dragon can't resist anymore and taps out!!

The camera returns to Pale in the ring, who's laughing from the match. She takes another sip from her water, and regains her composure.

Shades Of Pale: Now, anyways. Back to why I really came out here. I took this ring time to talk about how bad Speedy, and Dragon are.. But I think there's something more realistic to talk about now.

Pale is no longer smiling. The crowd stops laughing, and sits silently in their seats.

Shades Of Pale: Now last week, we didn't go live from Brooklyn because the show was sabotaged. Show explained this to you guys, So I don't need to. I'm out here to give my thoughts on it. I say Death777 did it. I mean, who wouldn't? I would do it, Snap That Rat's ankle, and nobody would know about it.

The crowd boo's quietly, but Pale signals with her hand's to stop booing. She takes a sip from her water, and puts a smile on her face.

Shades Of Pale: Well back to my Original Plan.. Did you see how bad Dragon was on Monday? Wait.. you didn't.. heh.. Anyways that little rat of Slow Rat, or Speedy rat.. That doesn't sound right, Oh! It's Slow Mouse! That's right, right? Now isn't it Speedy Mouse? Ugh, I'm terrible with names..

The camera fade's to black with Pale trying to guess Speedy Gonzales's name..
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Theories according to Pale
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