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 The Shades Of Pale.. and JTA?

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PostSubject: The Shades Of Pale.. and JTA?   Tue Oct 30, 2012 5:52 pm

The camera fades open to Adam Copeland. He has a coffee in his left hand, and a microphone in the right. He takes a sip from the coffee, and moves the microphone to his lips. He speaks with energy.

Adam Copeland: Hello fans of International Championship Wrestling, I am here with the newest female wrestler in ICW. She's beautiful, she's funny, and pretty good in the ring. Please welcome, Shades Of Pale.

The camera pans to a place where both Shades Of Pale and Adam are seen. Both of them are smiling, and Adam takes another sip from his coffee.

Shades Of Pale: Thank you for having me, Adam. It's great to meet you for the first time. Now, did you have a plan for this interview? Or are you just winging it?

Adam Copeland: Uhh, winging it. Anyways, What are you all about in wrestling?

Shades Of Pale: Hmm, what do you think? I'm about winning. I don't care what I do. If I have to deliver a low blow, so be it. If I have to snap your ankle, or drive your head into the mat.. so be it.

Adam looks surprised, as he takes another sip from his coffee. He keeps the mic near his lips, and opens his mouth to speak again.

Adam Copeland: Well, Can we expect big things from you? I mean, the lady's in this federation are few, but big hits for the fans. You'll have to make the fan's believe you can be amazing.

Shades Of Pale: Well, Mr. Copeland. It would like to inform you, and the rest of ICW, that I will be competing in a Four person Tournament for the Television championship. What can you expect? A new champion, Adam.

Suddenly, the sound of a paint can being kicked is heard.

The camera pans out and is aimed to the right, showing Shades of Pale and Jimmy the Animal, who is holding an acoustic guitar in his hand.

Jimmy the Animal slowly walks up very close to Shades of Pale, who is looking at Jimmy the Animal in boredom.

JTA: My lady, I have heard so much great things about you.

Jimmy the Animal pauses for a moment.

JTA: I am Jimmy the Animal. I want to give you a "proper" welcoming to ICW.

Jimmy the Animal puts his left hand on the top of the neck of the guitar and rests his right hand on the strings.

JTA: Through my music.

Pale looks at JTA with disgust, and walks back towards Adam. She whispers something in his Ear. Adam whispers back, then leaves the room. Pale looks back to JTA, who is preparing to play a song. She sighs, and puts her hand on his shoulder.

Shades Of Pale: Look whoever you are, I know you haven't been this close to a girl before, but you need to settle down. Who would want to like you anyways? I mean look at you, you're.. ew. Just leave before you get hurt.

Jimmy the Animal's smile quickly diminishes and his shoulders drop

Jimmy the Animal quickly tenses up and is seen with his smile once more.

JTA: You see, that is the thing about me. I am just an all around happy person, and want others to be happy. So, to make your time here at ICW more enjoyable, I will play a song for you.

Pale takes her hand from Jimmy the Animal's shoulder and crosses her arm.

Shades of Pale: Fine. Embarrass yourself.

Jimmy the Animal lifts up his right hand, about to strum a chord, but he comes to a stop, and his smile dissipates.

JTA: Oh my goodness I don't know how to play a song.

Jimmy the Animal looks at Pale in with a sad face.

JTA: Don't worry, I'll get to you with that song. In the meantime.....

Jimmy the Animal scurries away. Shades of Pale chuckles as the camera fades to black.
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The Shades Of Pale.. and JTA?
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