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 Business proposal (debut of Derp)

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PostSubject: Business proposal (debut of Derp)   Wed Oct 17, 2012 10:26 pm

Show appears to be waiting for someone in a coffee shop while reading some books.

Suddenly someone walks in next to Show.

Show gets up and shakes the guy's hand.

Show:Good afternoon good sir. Take a seat.

Derp Derpington: Thank you Mr... Show.

Show: You're welcome Mister...?

Derp Derpington: Oh how rude of me... My name is Derp. But you can call me Derp Derpington.

Show: Uhh... Okay? Can I call you Derp?

Derp Derpington: No! I mean... No sir... Call me Derp Derpington.

Show: Okay... "Derp Derpington". Let's cut to the chase. How can I help you Mr. Derpington?

Derp Derpington took a sip of coffee

Derp Derpington: Well I am a businessman. I know you are as well, and a good one too. And we both know that in a business this big, you need partners... And investors. So I have a proposition for you.

Show: Proposition eh?

Derp Derpington: Yes! Well, see, I wanna invest in your company and help you financially. That's why I wanna invest in your company. I want to have a partnership with this company.

Show: That's very good to hear Mr. Derpington. I'm happy that you like what we're doing here and thank you for trusting this company with your money.

Show stands up and seems to be ready to shake hands with Derp Derpington

Derp Derpington: Well , I'm not quite done yet.

Show: What is it Mr. Derpington?

Derp Derpington: Well as an investor, I need to make sure that my stocks are being taken good cared of. So I have another proposal.

Show: Well, you're right. What is it anyway?

Derp Derpington: Well the company depends all on ratings. Now, if the ratings go up, money goes up as well. That's good news for my stock.

Show: I'm listening...

Derp Derpington: Well to make sure that the ratings are up. I want to insert myself in physical competition in this company. So I am signing myself another contract as a wrestler. To make sure that I myself will make the ratings hold-up.

Show: Well Derp, that's no problem for me. But are you sure you are able to compete?

Derp Derpington: Well since our first show is tonight. I will show you that not only am I a good businessman, but I will be the greatest competitor in the world. Even better than you will ever be.

Show stares at Derp Derpington

Derp Derpington: So give me someone. Give me that guy named Homer.

Show: Well you want to compete so I will be giving you the match. Don't let me down.

Derp Derpington: I assure you that you will not disappoint you.

Show: I'm sure you won't. Thank you Mr. Derpington and... Goodluck.

Derp Derpington and Show shakes hand as camera fades out

Last edited by Derp on Thu Oct 18, 2012 10:48 pm; edited 1 time in total
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Jimmy the Animal


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PostSubject: Re: Business proposal (debut of Derp)   Thu Oct 18, 2012 5:17 pm

Just a heads up Derp. For making RPs, make sure you make the name Bold and coloured. Also, there is no need for descriptions to be between asterisks, just italicize it.
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Posts : 2
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PostSubject: Re: Business proposal (debut of Derp)   Thu Oct 18, 2012 10:49 pm

Animal, can you edit my rp as well? Lol I will have a hard time editing it cause I use iPad. Thanks Smile
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Jimmy the Animal


Posts : 55
Join date : 2012-07-08
Age : 23

PostSubject: Re: Business proposal (debut of Derp)   Fri Oct 19, 2012 10:15 pm

That's what I'm here for Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Business proposal (debut of Derp)   

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Business proposal (debut of Derp)
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