Last Season! Big Surprise at the final show.
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 Unfinished Business

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PostSubject: Unfinished Business   Sat Oct 27, 2012 1:22 am

Camera moves to a locker room with a Dragon symbol on the door. Suddenly the door props open by itself and the cameraman walks in...OverDrive Dragon, in a black and white Nike shirt, dark blue Nike shorts and Nike Sky Force 180 "Spurs" colorway, is seen down a couch watching the show on the big Samsung flat screen TV with a towel over his head. Standing next to Dragon is Unknown X, decked in a black robe

Unknown X: So it seems that we have not been able to finish the training. Seeing that the federation started earlier than expeced..there is much to be done. However my dear boy, this will fit well with the plan.

ODD turns around to face Unknown X

ODD: Since the day I was forced to sign the contract, I have gained nothing. I have done nothing. There is NO improvement like you promised!

Unknown X: That is because you have not finished the training that is required in order for you to proceed to the next level or I dare say "phase". Your potential is limitless! I picked you because you stand apart from the others here! And I told you skills...or plans should I say are a bit unorthodox; so it takes time for one to get used to my training and feel the immense power difference in the future. Be patient my padawan.

ODD: I need to have this training work NOW! I lost my match tonight. I wanted to WIN! I wanted to move to the final round...I want to get back what belonged to me! I still won't forget that [explicit delete]. That damn Show cost me everything! I want...I want...REVENGE!

Unknown X: If revenge is what you seek, then vengeance will come in patience.

Unknown X pulls out a pill bottle form his robe and tosses it to Dragon. Dragon looks at the bottle and glares are Unknown X

ODD: Really?! You expect me to take these?! Really?! I will be jobless if I use these!

Unknown X walks to the door with his back behind Dragon.

Unknown X: If you want to be stronger, then yes. If you want to be faster, then yes. If you want to DOMINATE, then YES! They are not what you people call steroids. It far different from that. It has the same effect as what your Earthly substance uses to improve their power, but it's made from our special materials.

ODD: Then can you tell me?

Unknown X: Certainly not. Once you are basked in the light of darkness, then I will reveal all to you...

ODD: What the...

Suddenly a guitar sound is heard. Jimmy the Animal, in a white wifebeater and dark jeans, is seen singing and strumming the guitar as he is walking down the hall towards Dragon's locker room.

Unknown X: Jimmy! Hey Jimmy!

Jimmy the Animal is unable to hear the voice that calls out to him as he tunes up the guitar even louder.

Unknown X then steps right in front of Jimmy and places his hands in front of his face. Jimmy goes flying backwards at least almost 5 feet from the scare

Jimmy the Animal:Holy Smokes! What the heck man!? I was rockin' my thing!

Unknown X picks up Jimmy the Animal and shakes the dust off him.

Unknown X: Ah sorry for the scare boy. On behalf of my client, Dragon, we would like to wish you good luck in your match. We hope to see you winning it all so that my client can face you in a title match once again. Where of course Dragon here will reign victorious for the 3rd time. Anyway Ciao!

Unknown X then slams the door leaving Jimmy trying to soak up what Unknown said seconds earlier.

Jimmy the Animal:Pfft, whatever man. I'm going to rock this tournament and bring home the gold baby!

Jimmy the Animal then proceeds to play his guitar once again, filling the hall with heavy metal
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Unfinished Business
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