Last Season! Big Surprise at the final show.
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There is a break in between matches, and the fans are running to the stands to refill their sodas and buy more popcorn for the kids. All of a sudden, all the lights turn off in sync, and the arena is plunged into total darkness.

Voices are heard singing, seemingly out of nowhere. A lighted figure is seen at the stage arena, and it's not a spotlight illuminating the figure holding what appears to be a large crucifix-sword. It almost seems as if the light is emanating from the mysterious figure itself. The mysterious stranger makes his way to the ring slowly, methodically taking step after step. Those that are close to the entrance are able to discern some features of this man. He is wearing a long white and silver robe with the sleeve cut off showing his muscular arms with mythological creatures printed around his pant attire. He is almost a perfect build. His muscles are gleaming with perfection and swole although half of his face is hidden from a cloth. Yet there is something off about him, his posture and stance completely emotionless, almost robotic.

The bizzare visitor climbs into the ring,and places the crucifix upright-down into the middle of the ring. A microphone appears in his hand, almost out of thin air. The announcers are in shock, not sure what to think and say, just looking around stupefied trying to get their footing. The mysterious event crasher looks around the arena, with each audience member feeling his gaze, almost as if he is looking directly in their eyes, judging them, evaluating their past sins, and making notes. After several seconds, he places the microphone to his mouth. The lights turn off and on for a couple of seconds. When the light is stable the mysterious visitor is no longer there except for the crucifix. A voice begins to speak.

Mysterious Voice: As I have said before long ago, I was just like you all. Lost, with no sense of direction. No true path to guide me out of the black hole that I was in. Just as I was about to give up, I saw Him! I saw it. I saw…the light. I have sinned but my master has given me another chance to live and redeem myself. Thy light gave me the strength to vanquish all evil and purify what is impure. Now I wish to do so to you "fans" of ICW. However you all are dirty. So impure. Nothing can save you unless you follow the light with passion and diligence. Come with me as we make homage to the Light!

The voice disappears completely, and the arena is back to being completely pitch dark. The lights finally flicker, flicker again, and come back. The audience members are left in awe at the strange man, while the announcers stutter, finally able to go back to their cue cards and announce the next scheduled match.
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