Last Season! Big Surprise at the final show.
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 Insurance Needed

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PostSubject: Insurance Needed   Sat Jan 19, 2013 7:21 pm

Titantron shows a cameraman positioning himself outside a locker room. Shouting and broken glasses can be heard. The cameraman pushes the door open so the fans can see what is going on. For the fans, the Dragon’s SOL are all in the room. Unknown X is yelling , levitating objects and hurling them to the walls in anger. Dragon, CrazyCanuck, Samoan Warrior and HaxxedOne are all sitting down watching the show.

Unknown X: 2 of our men lost their match in the elimination chamber match! How is Dragon suppose to win the title now!? I hired you guys for a reason and to do the job right but you can’t even win!? Or stall the opponent instead of having them pick your bones!? This is madness!

ODD: Calm down Unknown. It is clearly Show’s strategy to isolate me from my comrades so I can’t win easily. Although Selena is the CEO, she has ties to Show and without a doubt I’m sure it’s their doing. Making stupid matches like this to screw me over as always.

Unknown X: What are you going to do now Dragon? CrazyCanuck and Samoan Warrior already lost. We can’t win without someone to protect you in that elimination chamber match!

ODD: Don’t be worried yet. HaxxedOne still has is match and I am damn sure he will get the job done. The ICW Championship is coming to SOL, one way or another. But we should be focusing on the elimination chamber match as well as obtaining the other championships. CC and Samoan, since you guys are out, you know what to do now. Bring back the television title home. Bring it back to Dragon’s SOL!

CrazyCanuck and Samoan Warrior nod heads before looking at each other and bowing to Dragon.

Unknown X: Excellent idea Dragon! While we target the ICW championship, the others can target another gold! Truly you are remarkable! No wonder voices told me to come to you!

OverDrive Dragon turns to HaxxedOne and places a hand on his shoulder.

ODD: Haxxed, it is your turn to do what is right. It is your turn to right those who have been wronged! Help me become what has been eluding me. Help me rule ICW and become the ICW champion! If you do, you will be greatly rewarded! My power as champion will enable me to get what you wish for! Now, go. Be part of the elimination chamber match so I am insured to win the title!

HaxxedOne shakes his head in agreement and salutes to Dragon before leaving for his match. Dragon looks around the room before talking.

ODD: Show Show Show. Even without you here you still manage to screw SOL. What a pest indeed. Hey you camera man!

CC and Samoan immediately grab the cameraman and drags him into the room. The camera drops to the ground as they drag him in and we see in a side view that Dragon is circling around the cameraman and Unknown X is seen standing in front of him with an object. Dragon smiles and walks over to the camera on the ground. He smashes the glass and frames as the cameraman is heard screaming in pain.
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Insurance Needed
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