Last Season! Big Surprise at the final show.
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 I Think it's Time

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PostSubject: I Think it's Time   Thu Jan 17, 2013 11:33 am

The camera comes up. S. D. Coleman and Cael Wheeler are sitting at a table in their locket room. Wheeler is searching through his case, while Coleman lifts up his cricket bat and gives it a few swings.

Coleman: I honestly can't believe it. Not only has Selena Gomez set up a tournament to to qualify for the Elimination Chamber, but I am taking on Speedy Gonzales. He's the Television Champion! How am I supposed to take Speedy down on such short notice? I haven't had any time to prepare...

Wheeler: He's Television Champion? So? You're one half of the Tag Team Champions! In this match two champions will go head to head. The best of the best. In the end, diamond'll cut diamond.

Coleman: That's...a good way to look at this. In the end, I know what's going to happen.

Wheeler: You're going to respect Speedy, because you know that he's a great competitor?

Coleman: Something like that. I'm also going to keep an eye on Jimmy the Animal in his match. I know that he's done a lot of training, and he's ready to advance to the finals of this tournament. And after we have both won our matches, can you just imagine how it's going to be.

Wheeler: I have a general idea...

Coleman: Of course you do, and so do I. We will enter that Elimination Chamber as Tag Team partners. We will unite to clean house, until only the two of us are still standing. After that, I can't say, but one of us will stand in triumph!

Wheeler: Isn't that jumping the gun just a bit?

Coleman: That may be. But don't you think everyone'll love it? I know I will! Something tells me that Jimmy will be all in favor, too. And when we set our minds to something... Let's just say that there's a reason that We Are The VOICES OF REASON!

The camera fades to black.
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I Think it's Time
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