Last Season! Big Surprise at the final show.
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 Speaking The Truth

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"MrAnd1" Extreme Styles


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PostSubject: Speaking The Truth   Sun Jan 13, 2013 11:27 pm

Extreme Styles walks out in his new entrance theme song, "Extraordinary" by Easy Redd. He is in his street clothes wearing a T-Shirt that says "Extreme Styles = A Boss", he also wears jeans with the new LeBron 10's. The crowd is booing as Styles is glaring at them as he walks down the ramp, he walks into the ring & taunts as the crowd erupts into boos. Styles grabs a mic.

Extreme Styles: As you saw last time in the show, I defeat my opponent LIKE A BOSS! I just put him away like he was nothing and once again, I'm being fed people who aren't worth my time. It's just an insult to my strength but mostly my intelligence, it's so easy to predict what my opponent is going to do. What I want is somebody who actually has the ability to step in the ring with a True Legend like me but they're not going to listen to me because those imbeciles that run this business aren't pleasing me. Yeah that's right, Selena, I'm talking about you. How about you do your job and give me what I want, you lazy (Explicit-Delete).

The crowd boos as Extreme Styles is walking around with an angry look.

Extreme Styles: Now, I've been seeing a bunch of celebrities coming out of nowhere, who's next the Jersey Shore??? It's ridiculous to see those kind of people in a wrestling show. I want a professional management with class and honor, not these dirty (Explicit-Delete) coming out of nowhere. Nah, that doesn't work for me because they don't have the experience to work this job, they're even worse than Show. Speaking of that little blonde brat, It's a good thing he's gone and I hope it stays that way because the spotlight can go to someone else who deserves. Someone who is cunning, smart, & most of all, handsome and that is ME!

Extreme Styles winks as the crowd boos & shows thumbs down

Extreme Styles: You guys don't have to be jealous that I have those type of abilities and you don't. It just makes me special because I'm living in a world where everything is crazy, some of you people sit in your living room alone and eating pork chops like a fat (Explicit-Delete). You are wishing to be as talented as me. I know that it's true, no need to hide it. Anyways, I'm not out here for you, I'm out here to ask for a challenge for anyone in the back, if you have the guts to face a guy who is a future of this company then you can see me in my locker room. I suggest you don't try anything or else you will receive consequences. If you don't think so, then I'll make sure of it.

"Extraordinary" by Easy Redd blares as Extreme Styles throws the mic onto the floor, he then leaves the ring as the Fans boo, he then sees a fan with poster that says "Extreme Styles sucks", Styles takes the poster and rips it up as the Fan who is a little boy starts crying. Styles heads to the back as the peoples continues to boo him.
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Speaking The Truth
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