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 Speedy's speaks to the crowd

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Speedy Gonzales

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PostSubject: Speedy's speaks to the crowd   Tue Jan 08, 2013 11:41 pm

The camera is seen overlooking the crowd in the arena. Thousands are screaming, jumping out there seats, and chanting their favorite wrestler's name. Right before the camera goes towards the announcers table the lights in the arena suddenly turn off. Screams of fright came from the crowd as they're trying to figure out whats happening. A loud demonic laugh is heard. The fans then get up from there seat as a demonic voice can be heard.

???: I can never leave. I'm everyone's worst nightmare. To some I am a freak beyond nature. An experiment gone wrong. Insult after insult they just kept building up. Under isolation you have no one to ven your feeling to. So eventually you will snap. Your sanity is gone. You jumped into another part of your life. One that no one is ready for. I'm still not ready for it. I just learn how to deal with it. Day after day I thought what caused me to be this deranged. Then my conclusion was simple. It was everybody.

Once that is said, foot prints are heard like if someone was running, but it wasn't heard for more then a second. The spot light then shines in the middle of the ring to see Speedy Gonzales sitting on the floor, looking down at the mat, and rocking back and forth with a microphone in his hands. A masked woman is seen behind. The person is seen wearing black tights, a black hoody, and wearing black steel toe boots. Speedy continues rocking back and forth a fee more times then stops. The crowd is puzzled and begins to talk between one another trying to figure out what's wrong with him. Speedy looks up at the crowd, and they see blood all over his face, a bone in his lap, and his title on the floor right in front of him.  When Speedy smiled you could still see pieces of flesh in his teeth. Speedy puts the microphone next to his mouth.

Speedy: Torture. Torture is what I've been through my whole life. I sit and try to ease the pain. To settle my headache. I constantly wrestle to make my day better. I release anger. I feel more stress free. Ever since this I feel like a new man.

Speedy smiles looking at his title.

Speedy: Titles change everything in one's perspective. It makes them think that they have finally achieved greatness. Sadly I don't feel like this. To me it's a sign of danger, because with every great kingdom there's an even greater downfall. With one you're loved, yet targeted by those who like and dislike you. 

Speedy then stands up and cracks his back, picking his title up from the ground.

Speedy: If this brings me closer to escape, I will never lose it. But not losing it is making me drift out of sanity. It opens up my demons, releasing them from their seal. Finding cracks for them to escape. I dreaded this day. People don't see it, but I'm losing my sanity. My old pals aren't here to save me from my faith. My messenger instructs for me to do bad. No one else can get through my thick skull. I think this might be the end of Speedy's career as people come to know it. I might retire and start new. Spread a new leaf. Maybe do something else for a change. Those are all assumptions. No idea if I will do what I said or I'm fed up with the stress it gives me and leave momentarily...

The lights then flickered on and off. When it turns on, Speedy is gone. The crowd looks for him and sees him on the ramp. 

Speedy: I don't know if I'm here to stay or here momentarily anymore. I can't decide. All I know is until that date I have no choice but to give 110% and defend my title. I got to admit slipping away from sanity is better then staying in reality dealing with emotions. Don't worry my friends. This won't be my last visit to you. Just one of the many few appearances I will show you.

Speedy looks back at the masked woman and walks towards her.

Speedy: You see, even though I said I won't make appearances, she will. I'm going to see how everything works out with the way things are going. Corruption is sick, but I'm trying to spread my knowledge to people. Until it's my time to speak again to you people don't expect me to show my face.

The camera fades.
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Speedy's speaks to the crowd
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