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 We never seen it like this before..

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Speedy Gonzales

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PostSubject: We never seen it like this before..   Wed Nov 21, 2012 5:44 pm

Adam Copeland and a camera man are seen walking to Speedy's locker room. While walking, they pass numerous superstars. When they get close enough to see the door that says " Speedy's locker room" on it, they immediately stop. It seems to be the only wooden door in the whole backstage area. From here they are at it looks like the door has holes in it and has red paint on it. When they walk closer to the door, they begin to smell death. When they get in front of the door they notice that it isn't red paint that is on the door, it's blood. They both try to look into the holes, but notice it's blocked off from the other side. Adam gently taps the door. Once he tapped it, the door cracks open. Adam then slowly opens the door. While slowly opening the door a loud creek was heard. they both go inside the room.

There was blood splattered on the walls and all over. Bones were scattered through out the room. Bites of cheese crumbs was found in the blood. Adam walked in and stepped on a name tag. He picks it up and tries to read it. Since it was all covered in blood he wipes it off with the camera mans shirt. The name tag read" Dr. Animal". While examining the room they think they see speedy in a far corner of it, but they are unsure so they walk closer. when they get close enough it is speedy.

Speedy is seen wearing a raggedy old poncho, a sombrero with holes in it, and gloves. He is seen drenched in blood and eating cheese crumbs from the floor. When the camera man points the camera at speedy, he stares at the camera. His eyes are blood shot red.

Adam Copeland: Umm, Speedy?

Speedy: Y-yes, Adam? How are y-you?

Adam Copeland: I'm good. Well you know why I'm here, but can you do one think. Explain the design of your locker room and why would you have it smell like this.

Speedy: D-don't you like it, Adam. I re done it after talking to myself. Things really cleared up. it brought me to my old perspective, that I should of always been following it. I see light my child. I just never knew the light will shine for the darkness. I slip into reality, to smell bodies rottening. It reminds me of war and agresition.

Adam Copeland: Let's talk about this hot streak. Since you joined ICW you haven't lost. Will that affect you in your upcoming match against Shades of pale for the Television title?

Speedy: of course by. It's still going to be taken serious just like any other match. If you haven't paid attention she's in the finals for a reason. I might be able to find worthy competition. She does talk a big game, but let's see of she can back it up. I'm sorry my friend.

Adam Copeland: I see, old fans say you parted ways with yourself? Do you wish to comment on there statement?

Speedy: To all of the fans that followed me from my old IIW days,I'm sorry I let you down. I'm making a slow recovery to be my old normal self. Please be patient. I had just under go recent surgery and I have been trying my best to recover. Now Adam I'm sorry, but I will have to ask you to leave. I have to finish preparing for my match.

Adam and the camera walk our of the room as the Camera fades.
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We never seen it like this before..
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