Last Season! Big Surprise at the final show.
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PostSubject: Underestimated   Wed Nov 21, 2012 2:12 pm

Extreme Styles is seen walking around the hallways, Adam Copeland comes up to him to interview him.

Adam Copeland: I'm Adam Copeland and I'm here with the young talent of Extreme Styles.

Extreme Styles looks at him with a disgusted face as Adam glares at him.

Adam Copeland: You are currently 1-1, can you explain why you received a lost?

Extreme Styles: Well my debut, I ended up losing my match by fluke. Derp Derpington, or Captain Obvious now, got a lucky win off of me because I wasn't putting my A-Game. I didn't take him too seriously but if I was more aggressive in that match then I would've terrorized him, I would've made sure that I came off the match as the victor. If I ever get a rematch, I will make sure that he ends up in the hospital and I really say what I mean and I mean what I say.

Adam Copeland: Now last week, you won your match against Jacob Mitchell. Do you feel more dominate as you got this win?

Extreme Styles: You should know the answer to that stupid question. No, not at all, I dislike the fact that I have to waste my time with somebody who lacks talent or lacks intelligence. I don't feel more dominate of myself unless there's a championship around my waist and also I want to be the trending topic then I would feel like I'm the best there is.

Adam Copeland: I doubt that you'll win a championship, look how obnoxious you are. You treat everybody like they are worth (censored), somebody should teach you a lesson because you are an imbecile and a low-life.

Extreme Styles: Are you underestimating my abilities? Are you saying that I'm not worthy to get a title? I'm not an imbecile, you are. You're trying to make me look bad but instead you're making yourself a bigger fool than you are. Let's face it Adam, you're just an old (censored) who was greedy, unselfish, & a has been. You want to talk bad about me then say it to my face and I will unleash a wrath of pain on you. You're not about that life. I would kill you in a second if I wanted too. I could stick my foot down your throat if I wanted too. If I was you, I would be scared but let's not get off that topic. Tonight, I have to deal with a guy named Brock Samson, who the (censored) is Brock Samson?? This is another guy I haven't heard before. I'm sick and tired of Show feeding me nobodies. I'm going to destroy him just like I did with Jacob Mitchell and I'm going to prove that I deserve a title shot. I'm going to prove that I'm the best there is and the best there ever will be. Tonight, a victory will be awaiting me.

Extreme Styles slaps the mic off Adam's hands and hits him in the stomach as he falls to the ground, he then looks down at him with an angry expression then he walks away.
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