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 Tag Team Needs a Name

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PostSubject: Tag Team Needs a Name   Tue Nov 20, 2012 11:43 am

Camera comes up on S. D. Coleman and Cael Wheeler seated around a table in their dressing room.

Coleman: So my opponent tonight is Fists of Wind. I find that very interesting, very interesting indeed.

Wheeler: And why might that be?

Coleman: Well, I've never had the best of luck going against him...

Wheeler: And I'm sure that tonight will be very different. And I know that you'll say something about respecting his abilities and go out and fight, so I'm going to stop you right now. There's something we need to discuss.

Coleman: And I'm going to stop you right there. I already know that our tag team needs a name. I just don't have any ideas right now. Let's see... What about the Doom Squad? The Cole Animals?

Wheeler: Ugh. Terrible.

Coleman: Well, I don't see you throwing out any ideas! What about that time I had to dress up as a teenager to rescue you from that pizza chain?

Wheeler: It's a good thing we don't have a clip of that. How about "Two Guys that Never Stop Talking"?

Coleman: What?

Wheeler: Nothing! There must be something from your past that you can use. Look, you are the Warrior of the Night Champion. You carry around a cricket bat. You've got plenty of cash on hand. You even beat Hank Gently to become the Best In The World! Can't you think of anything?

Coleman: Let's see... The Titleholders? Dreams of Money? Up to Bat?

Coleman pulls out his infamous "You are now entering a World of Pain" T-shirt and looks at it for a bit.

Coleman: Or perhaps something a bit simpler. Worlds of Pain? Or something that would work best. The Best in the World!

Wheeler: May be something to that.

There is a knock at the door.

Coleman: I'm sure that's Jimmy the Animal. Better let him in.

Coleman gets up and opens the door. Jimmy the Animal walks through the door while wearing blues jeans and the new "Don't Anger the Animal" T-Shirt. Jimmy the Animal has his title around his waist.

JTA: Hey guys, what's up?

Coleman sits down in his chair.

Wheeler: We're trying to decide on what we are going by.

Jimmy the Animal grabs a chair and pulls the chair to the table. Jimmy the Animal sits down in it.

JTA: Oh yeah? What do you have?

Coleman: Not much.

JTA: No need to fear. I anticipated this, so I made a list.

Jimmy the Animal reaches in his back pocket, pulling out a folded piece of paper.

JTA: Prepare to be amazed.

Jimmy the Animal begins to unfold the piece of paper.

JTA: Ahem, The Crickets, in reference to that thing you carry. The Crusaders, I just think that sounds cool. The Animals, something simple. The Men, even simpler. I also have Wheel Animal of Cole Men, I may have gotten lazy near the end. So what do you think?

Wheeler: I think we're better off without a name.

JTA: Wait! I got it!

Coleman and Wheeler both look at Jimmy.

JTA: Sounds of Truth.

Wheeler: You are some kind of stupid, aren't you?

Coleman: Wait, I like where you're going with this. What about Voices of Reason?

Jimmy the Animal quickly stands up.

JTA: Yes, we need to use that! What do you think Wheels?

Wheeler: Sounds good to me, but never call Wheels again!

Jimmy the Animal sits back down.

JTA: Sorry sir.

Wheeler: I like that. Voices of Reason.

Camera fades to black.
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Tag Team Needs a Name
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