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 Crash Test

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PostSubject: Crash Test   Thu Nov 15, 2012 5:20 am

Camera cuts back to the parking lot. The camera shows CrazyCanuck throwing his bag into his Ferrari 450. He is about to get into the driver seat then all of a sudden the lights flicker out. The lights come back on and Unknown X appears right in front of the car.

Unknown X : CrazyCanuck…I noticed that you tapped out of your match today…just like my client, Dragon.

CrazyCanuck instantly gets irked and jumps into the driver seat. He turns on the engine and tries to run Unknown X over. As the car touches Unknown X, the car suddenly rips off its hood and flips upwards throwing CrazyCanuck off the seat. The car then crashes back down and the whole engine shuts down. CrazyCanuck looks visibly shaken and tries to attack Unknown X to no avail.

CC: My car! My beautiful car! You bastard! You destroyed my car!

Unknown X blocks every single punch attempted by CrazyCanuck and swiftly roundhouses CrazyCanuck in the head, knocking him to the floor.

Unknown X : This anger of yours. I like it. But I can help you channel that anger so that it inflicts pain to others…not you. As you may know, my client...*ahem*…OverDrive Dragon or Dragon for short is in the process of my unique training sessions. Actually…let me cut to the chase. I am here to offer you a place in mine AND Dragon’s group as the right hand man. So, in short…I would like to offer you a place as the eyes, ears and mouth speed kin of Dragon…with favorable rewards that will be meet of course. For example, that first ICW match, against Buzzsaw was it? I can help you win against technician specialists. I can make you break their arms before they break yours!

CrazyCanuck staggers back up while clutching his head.

CC: Of course I want to win! I want to break them first!....But why was I picked for this? Is it cause I am Canadian? Why not Goatlord or Samoan Warrior? Why must it be me? I didn’t do nothing wrong! Okay I lied. I’ve been on a losing streak since I was here on ICW but why am I chosen?

CrazyCanuck drops down to the floor sitting down while still clutching his head, obviously in pain

Unknown X : I am truly sorry for that mortal kick but I needed to knock some senses into you…if you catch my drift. I can help you just like I am helping Dragon. I can help you break your losing streak and become a formidable fighter you once were before. So…join me and everything you imagine…everything you hoped for….everything you wished for… will slowly come into place.

CC: Fine. What do I have to do?

Unknown X then pulls a paper and a knife. He throws levitates both object and steers it to CrazyCanuck.

CC: So…how the hell am I supposed to sign this with this knife?

Unknown X : By blood, CrazyCanuck. By blood!

CC: No way! Forget it! That is crazy man. Blood signing is some serious [explicit delete]. I’m out!

Unknown X : It appears that you are in no condition to say no…here let me help you.

Unknown X walks towards CC and roundhouse kicks him once more. He takes the knife and cuts the wrist of the limped CC. Unknown X uses CC’s other hand to catch the dripping blood. He then takes CC’s finger, dips it into blood and signs the paper.

Unknown X : So much of a hassle! Thank you for choosing me as your manager and Dragon’s clan. Ta-ta for now!

The lights flickers out in the parking lot and when it is back on, Unknown X is gone. The damaged car is no longer damaged but instead in a perfect condition like earlier before the crash. CrazyCanuck is seen getting up without any wobbly movement, showing that the head injury is gone. He looks down at his arms and sees a deep cut on his right wrist. He notices something on the floor. He picks it up and holds it to the light. The object is a card with a red X and black background. He flips the card over and it reads “lux ex tenebris” in bold blood red with gold highlighting each letter. The camera zooms in on the card and the meaning as the screen turns to black.
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Crash Test
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