Last Season! Big Surprise at the final show.
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 Bulking Up

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PostSubject: Bulking Up   Thu Nov 15, 2012 4:48 am

Camera rolls in the titan-tron. The camera man pushes the door of the locker room wide open and the audience sees Dan Babyface Dragon getting ready for his match by jumping ropes. Suddenly the lights flicker out. The lights come back on and Unknown X, the manager of OverDrive Dragon, appears next to the closed locker room door wearing a black robe as usual.

Unknown X : Hello Dan. Are you ready for your match tonight?

Dan immediately gets into a fighting stance with the ropes wrapped around his hands.

Dan: What the [explicit delete]! Who are you? How did you get in here?...Wait how do you know about my match? I haven’t told anyone! You here to kidnap me like you did to Dragon?

Unknown X holds out both his hands up in the air as a sign of peace before cuffing them together inside his jet black robe.

Unknown X : Relax fellow. I am like a seer; I hear all, see all. I am not here to kidnap you. As you may know, my client...*ahem*…OverDrive Dragon or Dragon for short is in the process of my unique training sessions. Actually…let me cut to the chase. I am here to offer you a place in mine AND Dragon’s group as the enforcer. So, in short…I would like to offer you a place as the bodyguard of Dragon…with beneficial rewards that will be meet.

Dan stands back up and starts twirling the ropes in front of Unknown and stares at him angrily.

Dan: Piss off! I am not going to be a bodyguard for a lowly dragon. In fact, I should be the last dragon standing here! Look man, I don’t give a damn if you have superpowers but I am not going to be the next Tyson Tomko!

Dan gets closer to Unknown X with the spinning rope. Suddenly, the rope flies off Dan’s hands and wraps itself around Dan’s body tightly

Unknown X : I do not wish to be hostile but you have made me so. Now I ask you again…would you consider being Dragon’s enforcer and become part of this upcoming group that will make BIG things happen!?

Dan: In your damn dreams! Untie me you [explicit delete]! Wait until I get my hands on you!!!

Unknown X then pulls out a rope form his robe and twirls it around before lashing it at Dan. After couple whips he telepathically makes the rope loop around Dan’s neck and pulls him up the air.


Unknown X : Now..the last time I will ask this question. Would you consider being Dragon’s enforcer? You know you have only one option. I would take it before this rope gets tighter. Reap the benefits in the future, train now with us….

Dan: *gasping for breath* Yes! Yes! I agree!

Unknown X mutters something and a briefcase appears. He grabs a paper and a sharp object. He takes Dan’s hand and pricks it with the sharp object before forcing Dan’s finger to sign the paper.

Unknown X : Excellent! It was great dealing with you. I will see you soon. Good luck tonight!

The lights flickers out and when it is back on, Unknown X is gone. Dan Babyface Dragon is seen gasping for air, with the rope that bounded his arms together on the floor. He looks at his hand and sees blood oozing from it. He staggers up and slams the locker door open.

Dan: Medic! Hey I need a medic…

Camera rolls and fades to black as Dan is seen walking away still yelling for a medic in the hallway.
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Bulking Up
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