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 Jimmy's Competition

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Jimmy the Animal


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PostSubject: Jimmy's Competition   Wed Nov 14, 2012 11:16 pm

Jimmy the Animal is seen backstage with Fists of Winds and Samoan Warrior.

JTA: Alright boys, we're going to catch the men who are behind the merchandise problem and the tampering of the tapes.

FOW: Hold on, don't forget our deal.

SW: Yeah, Samoan Warrior would be disappointed if he was screwed. Than he would have to come and break his pet animal.

JTA: Easy there Lennie, don't want another rabbit incident now. Show has two quote unquote "Musicians" come tonight. I figured that the culprit would return to the scene of the crime, kind of suspicious that they're here.

FOW: That isn't suspicious, why would they want to mess with the show?

JTA: Because they are aware of the new, upcoming musician Xander James.

SW: Xander James?

JTA: That's my stage name dumb dumb. Now come on, we must get them. Here are the necessary equipment you boys will need.

Jimmy the Animal hands Fists of Wind a potato sack, and Samoan Warrior a hot dog.

FOW: Are you kidding me? Why do we need that?

JTA: These guys love wieners. Now come on.

The trio begin to leave the locker room, but the door comes open. In comes Justin Bieber as the crowd explodes into cheers.

JTA: There he is! Grab him!

Fists of Wind tosses the sack over Bieber's head.

Bieber: Hey! What are you guys doing?

Samoan Warrior begins to slap Bieber with the wiener in his hand.

JTA: We're going to free the music world from your tyranny!

Jimmy the Animal begins to pull rope from his jean pockets and begins to tie the open end of the bag up.

JTA: Alright, that should do.

SW: Who is this kid?

JTA: It's a terrible disease that corrupts modern music. It's also Canadian, and we have too many of those.

Fists of Winds puts Bieber over his shoulder.

JTA: Just place it in that locker over there.

Fists of Winds puts Bieber in a locker.

JTA: Come on, we have another we must rid the world of.

FOW: What are we going to catch him with?

JTA:[/b] We have wiener, and I saw a crate outside.


The trio turns there heads to the door. The door opens and Justin Timberlake walks in with rage.

JT: Where is that twerp?

JTA: Hmm, well this should be easy. He's in that closest over there.

Jimmy the Animal points towards a door in the corner of the room. Justin Timberlake walks to the door. Jimmy the Animal signals the two to follow him. Justin Timberlake opens the door.

JT: He's not here.

JTA: Look closer.

Jimmy the Animal pushes Justin Timberlake into the closest. Samoan Warrior blocks the door with his body as Fists of Winds grabs a chair and pushes the back of the chair under the door handle.

JT: Hey! Let me out you [explicit deleted].

JTA: Pfft, easier than Bieber.

Jimmy the Animal turns to Samoan Warrior and Fists of Winds.

JTA: Alright, I need you two to watch these guys. I'll come watch when your guys' match is on, ok?

SW: Samoan Warrior understand.

JTA: Good job big boy.

Jimmy the Animal leaves the room. Camera shows only Fists of Winds and Samoan Warrior together.

SW: Wanna play twenty questions?

FOW: Sure.

Camera fades to black before the first question is asked.
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Jimmy's Competition
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