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 Wedding Singer

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Jimmy the Animal


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PostSubject: Wedding Singer   Wed Nov 14, 2012 9:51 pm

Show is seen in his office. His feet are propped on his desk in a very relaxing position. He has his phone to his ear. Suddenly the door swings opens and slams against the wall with Jimmy the Animal walk in with a keyboard in his left arm and a stand in his right.

JTA: Knock, Knock!

Show's feet quickly drop to the ground as he stands up. Show's face has turned red with anger.

Show: I got to go.

Show slams the phone.

Show: Jimmy! You better have a good reason for showing up in such a rude manner!

Jimmy the Animal is seen setting up his keyboard stand.

Show: Well?

Jimmy the Animal now places his keyboard on the stand. He is holding a plug connect to the back oft the keyboard.

JTA: Where's your outlet?

Show: Answer me Jimmy!

Jimmy the Animal looks over at the corner of the room.

JTA: Ahh, there it is.

Jimmy the Animal plugs it into the outlet. Jimmy the Animal pulls a chair over to the keyboard and sits down in it.

Show: If this is some stupid attempt to make me pick you as my best man, you're off to a bad start.

Jimmy the Animal looks up at Show.

JTA: Oh, Show, I didn't see you there. I was just sitting here playing my keyboard.

Show's looks at Jimmy the Animal with a confused face.

JTA: I was thinking, I'm a little low on money. And you need a wedding singer.

Show: I don't need a wedding singer.

Jimmy the Animal ignores Show's last comment.

JTA: So help me help you.

Show: You have a job here, how are you low on money?

JTA: Show, consider this my audition.

Show sits down in his chair.

Show: No point in trying.

Jimmy the Animal adjusts his finger in the proper position.

JTA: This will be my warm-up.

Jimmy the Animal begins to play Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. Jimmy the Animal plays the first six notes, but plays the seventh too high.

JTA: Close enough.

Jimmy the Animal begins to play Fiction by Avenged Sevenfold. After the first ten seconds of play, he begins to bob his head to the beat. Show raises his hand to tell him to stop. Jimmy the Animal continues to play.

Show: Jimmy.

Jimmy the Animal continues to play.

Show: Jimmy!

Jimmy the Animal stops playing immediately and looks at Show.

Show: You have talent, but we have decided to go another way. But if anything happens, me and Vic will consider you.

JTA: I see.

Jimmy the Animal seems to be upset my Show's decision. Jimmy the Animal's smile quickly appears.

JTA: Thanks for the audition though Show.

Show: My pleasure.

Jimmy the Animal leaves Show's office. Show gets up out of his seat towards the door and locks it.

Show: That guy is a psycho.

Show turns around and sees Jimmy the Animal's keyboard.

Show: Wonder how much this is worth.

Camera fades to black.
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Wedding Singer
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