Last Season! Big Surprise at the final show.
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 Press Conference

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PostSubject: Press Conference   Sat Oct 27, 2012 1:27 am

Camera pans to backstage. There seems to be a crowd who are holding cameras and note pads standing in front of a table.

From left to right, Speedy Gonzales, Shades of Pale, OverDrive Dragon, and Jimmy the Animal are sitting at the table with microphones in front of them.

The background is showing multiple pictures of the ICW logo.

Show: Welcome to the first ever ICW Press Conference. We have four lucky contenders for the World Television Championship. So with out a moment less, let's get to know our contenders. First off, we have Jimmy the Chihuahua, I mean Jimmy the Animal.

Audience laughs. Jimmy the Animal shoots Show a dirty look.

Show: Now lets move on to the guy that annoys us all......OCD, I mean OBCD, I mean ODD!

Show: Now we move on to our new comers of ICW, Shades of Irish!

Someone walks up to Show and whispers something into his ear.

Show: Sorry, I meant Shades of Pale.

Show: And last but certainly not least, our other new comer, the speediest of them all, Speedy Gonzales!

Crowd begins to clap for the wrestlers.

Show: Well, that's it for me folks. Hopefully you can stay entertained with them up here.

Show leaves the area in a rush.

A man in the audience stands up.

Interviewer: Speedy, you are new to this fed, how did you already earn a spot in this tournament?

SG: He put me in.

The man stares at Speedy Gonzales

Interviewer: Okay, what about you Shades?

SoP: Well, the fans needed something to look at. I mean, just look at these guys. A guy named "Dragon." Like there aren't enough of those already.

OverDrive Dragon looks at Shades of Pale.

ODD: Shades, homie...whereas I am a big ass Dragon. You are just a shade. You are invisible to us all.

SoP: Well Dragon, your ankle will be invisible to us all when it's not on your foot. I'll slay the Dragon with a simple kick to the groin.

Interviewer: Now come on Shades, you know that is against the rules

SoP: Not if the referee isn't looking. Everything is legal if you don't get caught.

ODD: I'll make you bleed before you can even make me tap! After you, I am going to make Jimmy the Air Ball or Speedy the Cheese Wit bleed as well.

Interviewer: Let's move on before this gets out of hand.

Interviewer: Speedy Gonzales, what is your plan on beating Jimmy the Animal tonight?

Shades of Pale starts mocking Speedy Gonzales.

SoP: Jimmy's a scrub, but the pure essence of having Shades of Pale makes me tremor in my boots.

Interviewer: Now come on Shades, let Gonzales speak.

Speedy Gonzales remains silent.

Interviewer: Ok, I'll just go to Dragon then. Dragon, what are your plans on dealing with the sensational Shades of Pale?

ODD: My game plan? Simple, beat her. holds his hands up in the air and starts the count [i] 1-2-3!

Interviewer: You would beat up a girl?

ODD: I don't care if she is a guy or a girl. If he or she steps into the ring with the Dragon. He or she WILL be going down.

Interviewer: Response Shades?

SoP: Hard to beat me without an ankle. Or a finger or two. Maybe I'll cut some hair also. Lipstick? That's a plus as well. Dragon is going to be so pretty at the end of our match.

Interviewer: I've heard enough. Any closing statements?

SoP: Oh, it's finally over? Now I can go do things that aren't anywhere near as fun these guys.

Overdrive Dragon stands up.

ODD: Bring it on!

Speedy Gonzales, Shades of Pale, and OverDrive Dragon stand and and begin walking away.

JTA: Why wasn't I asked any questions?

The camera fades to black is Jimmy the Animal begins to sadden.
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Press Conference
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