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 Speedy Interview

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Speedy Gonzales

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PostSubject: Speedy Interview   Sat Oct 27, 2012 12:56 am

Adam Copeland is seen walking with a Camera man in the Backstage area looking for a superstar. While walking he notices a long hallway. Adam and the camera man begins to walk down the hallway the lights turned off. They both can see a dim light at the end of the hallway.

While there walking there they see bones all over the hallway floor, with a trail of blood on the floor going to the same direction they was. While they were walking they heard loud squeaks. When Adam and the Camera man walks down the long hallway to end up in a Large room. The whole room is covered in light. They notice all of the walls were splattered with blood. They noticed many bones and skulls everywhere. While looking around they notice there was a part of the room without light. While walking towards it the sound of the squeaks became louder. When Adam looks closely he notices it had fur and whiskers.

Adam Copeland: Hello? Is that you speedy?

Speedy comes from the dark corner of the room. He smells worse than 3 year old cheese. He is wearing a pancho and a sombrero, both with holes. It seems as if blood is splattered on him. As he gets closer Adam realizes his assumption was right. Adam begins to back away as speedy gets closer. Speedy realizes this and sprints behind Adam.

Speedy Gonzales: Adam, whats wrong? Do I scare you?

Adam Copeland: No you don't.

Speedy Gonzales: Good Adam. So what have you come here to ask me, or are you just waking me up from my nap for nothing?

Adam Copeland: Yes, Well Speedy my first question out of all places what made you come to ICW?

Speedy Gonzales: To be honest I really don't know. I decided to show my face to different viewers. I will grow to be as known as I once was. My name seem to been forgotten about. Not a lot of people acknowledged me. I came to a conclusion. Show myself to a different crowd. Show all of them who I am.

Adam Copeland: Interesting Statement. Who do you think you are?

Speedy Gonzales: I'm a lone wolf. I'm a single man facing a complete army. I was sent alone and nothing can change that. Surprisingly I work well in teams. Confused between my feelings. I try my best to stay blunt with everyone, but my sense of humor prevents it. I feel like a killer, but I act like the complete opposite. Weird enough as it is, this seems to be when I'm most happiness. Alone and isolated. In all honesty i don't even know why I'm wrestling. Or hear for that matter.

Adam Copeland: I See. Thanks for your honesty. Now for my next question. How do you feel about your match with Jimmy the Animal?

Speedy Gonzales: Not scared one bit. I'm perfectly prepared to win this match. Just looking at his papers make me laugh. But at last, I don't want to continue on with all of these harsh comments. I would rather prove everything in ring rather then my words.

Adam Copeland: I see. Well this will be my last question of the evening. How do you feel entering the upcoming tournament for the World Television Championship, while you're still a fresh face to this fed? That has been on everyone's mind, lately. Do you care to answer?

Speedy Gonzales: I feel great. I finally get to show everyone how I wrestle. How dominate I can be. Besides everyone that ever watched me knows my wrestling and how I am. There's no one you can put in front of me that I won't fight. I see no real competition here either. It will be a walk in the park. I guess people will finally see speedy in action again.

Adam Copeland: Thank you for your time. I will love to speak to you again.

Once that is said speedy vanishes. Adam Copeland begins to look around for him. Not seeing him he walks away to interview another superstar. The camera fades.
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PostSubject: Re: Speedy Interview   Sat Oct 27, 2012 7:23 pm

Good RP Smile
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Speedy Interview
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