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 The new fed system

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PostSubject: The new fed system   Sat Sep 01, 2012 4:13 pm

Hi Guys,

It's about time to throw in this new fed system we have been working on for your feedback. There has been a lot of rumours about how it, so I gotta put that to rest and give you the exact system.

Please keep an open mind about this, and compare between both the current system and this one before you give any opinion/Critic, as we have thought of optimizing both GMs and RPers experience through it, and we'd hate to get some thoughtless objections just for the sake of contradicting the change.

Here it goes:

* Fundementals:

Roster Capacity: 30 Members
Number of shows per season: 5
Show per week: One show per week (Roleplay is obligatory)
Matches per show: 10
Apparitions on the contract: Maximum 5
Total appearances: 100 appearances

We will have 6 rosters per fed and 1/3 of the rosters get promoted instead of 1/4


*Feds will be reset every year, as the popularity will be maxed out in less than a year giving everyone a chance to get to 4000 fans.
P.S: Upon reset a roster won't lose their ranking.



Formula: 125 / (contract level value * (current pop ^ 0,2)) (randomized x0.9~1.1)

where: Contract level value equals 1 for legends and adds 0.1 for every level down.

Entrances will nolonger be relevant, and the only factor will be your contract level. You'll be gaining less as your popularity increases.


Ticket sales:

ticket sales = Roster fans based income + Fans present in the show income
(1 fan = 1 ticket)
Formula stays the same, including title bonuses, and arena upgrades (These might be nerfed if the income gets too high at the end of a fed cycle).

Ticket prices will be different depending on which level are you on.
Tickets will be sold at 20 FEs a ticket for Mondial, 17, for IC, 15 for C, 12 for IN, and 10 for Nationals.


Roleplay stars:

This is a new feature where GMs will have to nominate 5 of their wrestlers for the best roleplayers of the season. Then these wrestlers can be selected to have a roleplay star (added to their profile). Upon confirmation from GMLs these players can start benifiting from their RP stars in the areas that follow.
P.S: GMLs confirmation will be required so they can monitor any abuse/favouritism in nominations (i.e: A GM always nominates the same ppl for the award or nominate themselves for it.)

Roster payment:
These payments will be kept as they are.
Each lvl of contract pays a different comission on the show income:

(1) Jobber 0.875% of a shows ticket income.
(2) Mid Carder 1.75% of a shows ticket income
(3) Main Eventer 2.65% of a shows ticket income
(4) Star 3.5% of a shows ticket income
(5) Super Star 4.35% of a shows ticket income
(6) Legend 5.25% of a shows ticket income

*Every Roleplay star adds 1k FEs to their income (Not to be deducted from the fed income balance)

Contracts available to a roster:
Legend x2
Superstar x4
Star x4
Maineventer x6
Midcarder x6
Jobber x8


[sqrt(show attendance) x (Yellow stars *excluding entrances + RP stars^1.5)]/50

Ok, Here is a complicated one. This will become the new Merch formula.

*Show attendance is the number of tickets sold
*yellow stars are your usual match yellow stars (excluding entrances)
*RP stars are the roleplay stars as explained above


VGMs will be paid for their work. Every VGM will receive an extra income per week according to the following table: (3 TPs no matter which level are you)
National: 2.000 FEs
International: 4.000 FEs
Continental: 6.000 FEs
Intercontinental: 8.000 FEs
Mondial: 10.000 FEs

*You can only hire 2 paid VGMs. The rest will work free.


Matches costs and promotions will be kept the same for now. I'll let you know if there's any changes to them.

Thank you!

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The new fed system
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